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Nir’Han and Ank’ha Jin

Nir’Han and Ank’ha Jin for Jessie Shen
Not easy to always find words to describe this connection. Nir’Han embodies such beauty, his energy filled with wisdom and love is of great strength. Although they are part of the great galactic federation, I have no idea where they really come from. Their physical characteristics are similar to those of Asians (Chinese), but there are Lyrian and Arcturian energies woven into their genetic code.

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Walk-In / Âme Stellaire

Walk-In / Stellar Soul

Many of you now know that I am a Walk-In, that is, a Stellar Soul who came to Earth during this period of great change in this galactic dial.

I made this choice in full awareness of who I really am, for love and in love.

I lived for a long time in the Pleiades within the Galactic Federation uniting Orion, Sirius, Aldebaran, Cassiopeia, Vega and many others. But before all things, I come from the “Great Central Sun” in the “High Spheres”, where the Ancients live.

Here is what I remember :

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