Message of the Arcturians

Message of the Arcturians, October 20, 2018 Do not be shocked. Many pretenses and illusions will soon fall. People, groups, institutions that are not what they claim to be will be unmasked and put in the light. But do not judge them personally. Just listen to your real feelings, listen to your heart really, because…

The Divine Feminine

The “consciousness of the goddess” is equivalent to a state of being high, without egoism, judgment, or damage, which transcends the human mind.

Ähewmvì Te Äewnu Kiho’ite

Ähewmvì Te Äewnu Kiho’ite Artwork inspired by the universe of Avatar and the Na’vi people by James Cameron. All rights reserved ©     Important note: My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited or sold without my express permission. Copyright © 2018 Davian Art. All Rights Reserved

Alcyelle and Nandyel

Alcyelle and Nandyel Message from Alcyelle from Andromeda for Marie T. Warmest regards ! Your journey has been long and full of obstacles. Even if sometimes the darkness continues to confuse you and try to dominate you, you reach the depths of your heart where you find the light and the truth, to come into…

Pleiadians of the Galactic Federation

Pleiadians of the Galactic Federation Message of October 04, 2018 Greetings! We are Maïra, Ptesa and Jehsa of the Galactic Federation. Right now there are many more movements and changes around and in your world than you think. The Galactic Council of Light fleet is progressing rapidly on the negative forces. Especially since their attack…