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Davian, an extraordinary artist, galactic contacted, writer

N: Hello Davian, we are delighted to meet you. Can you tell us about yourself please? For example, how did you become aware of being in contact with the extraterrestrials, since when did you come in contact and how did you live it, what are your memorable experiences?

D : ” Hello Nicolas. Hello everyone. Nice to be here too.

And yes with great pleasure. It’s a long story I would say. In fact, everything started when I was six (I was born in 1973). Despite my young age, I asked myself quite important questions … even existential ones. Because I had this deep feeling of not coming from this world. I did not feel at home, I mean here on Earth. I did not really understand, but I had that certainty rooted in my heart. Two years later (I was eight years old), one evening in August, I was outside, playing with my figurines, and I realized that the night had fallen, it was as if the weather was altered because I had not seen it at all.
I began to scan the sky and observe the stars. It was wonderful. I was fascinated by so much immensity and all these worlds. And at the same time it seemed so familiar. I could not explain it to myself, but I felt a strong connection with the stars. The questions I had been asking myself since I was six then came back. At that moment, I began to talk to them. I formulated my questions by speaking directly to the universe. And a few moments later, a bluish white light appeared in the sky. She was moving very fast and getting closer and closer. At the moment she arrived, she stopped at about ten meters above me. But everything happened very quickly. I could observe it for a few seconds, then in a flash it was gone again. When I came to my senses, there was a being in front of me. Humanoid. Bluish skin and long black hair. This being scrutinized me, but I felt no fear. A strange feeling suddenly invaded me. It was as if I knew him. I had known him for a long time. That’s how all to start. It was the first in a long series of experiments that I was going to live. “

N : Could you talk about your work, what does it involve? You use what methods, materials, etc. ?

D : “I have always been passionate about drawing, and have been drawing since the age of six. Over the years I have perfected myself. Then, much later I started to paint with software like COREL DRAW, then turn to 3D and software like HEXAGON, DAZ STUDIO and ZBRUSH. I built my own PC with the necessary and powerful components to make 3D illustrations.
My job is mostly to be a bridge between the nations of the stars and / or the spiritual guides and the human beings. My creations are always accompanied by messages (you only buy the illustration, because everything else is sharing and it must remain so, the real exchange being made in love), whether for a customer in private or for humanity in a more global sense. “

N : How do you manage to represent the galactic beings? Do they describe themselves to you with words? Do you have sensations, feelings, a telepathic visualization? Are you going to see them in the astral, do you travel to their homes, do you feel their energy?

D : That’s a very good question. In fact I would say it’s a bit of a mix of all that, but at the same time it’s different. In fact I see these beings as I can see you. Everything happens in full consciousness. It’s a question of frequency and vibration.
To summarize, the other realities and dimensions are superimposed, like leaves stacked on a note spike, like those that can be found on a desk.
All these dimensions are accessible from the moment when one “fits” on them if I can say. For that we must have what we call the third open eye and be centered in oneself, that is, placed in the heart. That’s it, to be truly centered. So, yes I see them, I often travel with them and often even feel their energy / presence before they even arrive. “

N : What was your first artwork? What sense does it have? In what circumstances did you elaborate it?

D : “My first work was a portrait of a GRAY, and I made it in pencil. Later I reproduced them in 3D to show my loved ones what they looked like. Because these GRAYS in question, had “removed” me repeatedly. From childhood to adulthood. But in reality, something else was happening in “parallel” much more important, because I participated in secret space programs for twenty years. But for the moment I would only talk about it in my book (being written). You can find on my site an excerpt from this experience in the INSIDE column. “

N : Do you represent only luminous beings, do you have experiences with beings of the false light, do you protect yourself in one way or another?

D : “No, I also represent negative and / or involutive entities sometimes. I have not published them on my website yet, because these portraits will soon be used for another project. But yes I had experiences with this kind of entities, including those called DRACOS (Reptilians). And yes, I protect myself (and I’m protected too). By being placed in the heart, one (re) creates an energy of love, and so one connects to the Great All, to his guides, to his galactic family. “

N : You are self-employed. How did you know it was the right time to live from your job?

D : ” Effectively ! I started just a year ago now, after leaving my job. I knew it was the right time because everything was in place. I mean, synchronicities was there. The thought is really creative, you know. I wanted to live my passion for a long time, so I created this action to make it come alive in our world, in our reality. Since then I had been noticed by American Studios who shared some of my works. At that time I did not call myself Davian Art but David C.Designs. There was even the studio PROMETHEUS who approached me for one of my pictures. This is the studio that makes the show ALIEN THEORY. Then a writer asked me to make his illustrations. I was also starting to receive individuals requests for portraits of guides or a member of galactic family. So, everything was being put in place. My road stood before me. I only had to follow her. That’s how I knew it was the right time. “

N : Do you have any advice for people who want to get into the representation of the galactic beings and their environment?

D : “The essential thing is to place oneself at the center, in one’s heart. To connect to all that is. It does not matter which tool you use next. You have to be comfortable with it and let the feeling or inspiration act … as well as the energies. Because they guide us. “

N : More generally, if it’s not too personal, what did the galactics bring you in your life?

D : “Concretely, they helped me to remember who I AM really. They have accompanied me at various times in my life, and still continue. “

N : What are your main projects now, can you elaborate?

D : “I have several projects in progress. To make myself known as an illustrator (because I can make covers for books, CDs, posters or any other illustration) but also as a musician. I started as an independent and I released my first album (self financed) a year ago and that I try to make known to the greatest number. The album is called HIGHLY EVOLVED BEINGS and was entirely inspired by my family of stars. This music is made to help the listener to connect to his higher self and thus access the higher dimensions.
( Link : and music )
Then, the biggest project now is writing my first book, where I relate my experiences both human, spiritual and galactic. “

N : The final word, do you have a final message to us through?

D : ” Yes. As you know, we are in a period of our life, not only on Earth but also in the universe, where great changes are taking place. These changes upset many things in all aspects and areas of our lives, such as old beliefs, old patterns, old ways of thinking, etc. To be able to follow this wave of energy and these changes, it is important, even primordial, to refocus oneself truly, to anchor oneself to Mother Earth, to silence the mind and the ego, as well as the rational mind. and thus be able to place oneself in the heart. Once we are refocused, we become aware that we are connected to everything and everything. We realize that separation is only an illusion. The duality is only an illusion. The duality exists only in 3D dimensions, so it is easier to detach from it. So open your mind, open your heart and place yourself there. So you will be one with what surrounds you. You will be one with the Great All. As my ancestors Lakota, MITAKUYE OYASIN said. What translates to we are all related or we are only one. “

N: Thank you so much Davian for your time, your work and your answers.

D : ” Thank you, thank you. May beauty be all around you! With love. “

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