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Cyborg Back with a new illustration after several months of absence, because in parallel, I’m on another project: the writing of my first book. Many more artworks are coming. Thank you with all my heart to all those who support me. With love. De retour avec une nouvelle illustration après plusieurs mois d’absence, car en […]


Isovah – De l’éveil Spirituel à la Matrice Biologique Quantique

Isovah DE L’EVEIL SPIRITUEL A LA MATRICE BIOLOGIQUE QUANTIQUE C’est avec grand plaisir que je vous annonce la sortie du livre d’Isovah ” De l’éveil spirituel à la matrice biologique quantique ” pour lequel j’ai réalisé toutes les illustrations et la couverture du livre. Pour toutes celles et ceux qui souhaiteraient obtenir cet excellent livre […]

Pleiadian, Starseed, Galactic Being

Reflection of the soul

Reflection of the soul   Commission: Reflection of the soul for Sean Christopher Sean, you are me, I am you, we are one. You remember who you really are and what your real origins are. However, be careful not to let yourself be taken by this world in 3D, nothing serves to expand in several […]



💫 Hello everyone ! 💫 My facebook page will soon have 1000 likes and thank you very much for your support. That’s why I decided to organize a small contest. I invite you to share the post posted on my page (And copy / paste the text) all around you with your loved ones, your friends, etc.👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 […]


Message of the Arcturians

Message of the Arcturians, October 20, 2018 Do not be shocked. Many pretenses and illusions will soon fall. People, groups, institutions that are not what they claim to be will be unmasked and put in the light. But do not judge them personally. Just listen to your real feelings, listen to your heart really, because […]