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Happy Halloween

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The Divine Feminine

The “consciousness of the goddess” is equivalent to a state of being high, without egoism, judgment, or damage, which transcends the human mind.


Cyber City , Year 2118

Cyber City, Year 2118 Planet Earth, Year 2118. An Artificial Intelligence of Extraterrestrial origin has invaded our world. Humanity almost disappeared forever. We are not more than a hundred thousand, it seems … Robots are everywhere and control everything. “This must change, someone has to do something …” – <Ok Bryan, we keep up to […]


The Old Medicine Man

I have to hurry to get the crystals before being spotted by the spirits …
According to what is said, the dead wake up as soon as you enter this sacred cave.
But I have not seen one yet …
Il faut que je fasse vite pour récupérer les cristaux avant de me faire repérer par les esprits…
D’après ce qu’on dit, les morts se réveillent dès lors qu’on pénètre dans cette grotte sacrée.
Mais je n’en ai pas vu un seul encore…