Testimonials for my album HIGHLY EVOLVED BEINGS

Musique Uni-Vers-Elle du Cosmos en ambiance transe mutatrice, en veux tu ? En voilà… Mon ami artiste Davian est une référence incontournable au top !

Ben L.

A écouter et réécouter. Magnifique ! Quel travail encore !

Mickael G.

Musique topissime!!! J’ai passé un moment planant sublime!!! Rien à voir avec des musiques de relaxation…qui m’agacent ou trop “bruyantes” pour moi ; Avec votre album j’étais enfin (téléporté?) ailleurs! Grand Merci Davian! Très belle créativité musicale ! Bonne continuation à vous!

Evelyne V.

Very good trans music with HIGH vibrations.


Wow! Superb music! From the first notes, I was transported. Completely transcendent. Thank you so much. Many blessings and love.

Kevin D.

Testimonials for Artworks and Story


David is an amazing gifted artist. His art and channelings are a gift and a blessing for all of us.

Elaine R.

David’s talent is phenomenal. The accuracy of the portrait he did of my beloved Uriel was simply amazing, and almost exactly as I see him in my third eye. Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with humanity. 🙏

Michelle M.

Inspiring on so many levels!

Cindy C.

La portée de ses messages est inconditionnelle envers toute l’humanité. Il est de mes frères galactiques et nous nous sommes repérés d’entrée il y a peu. À découvrir sur le chemin de la transcendance Uni-Vers-Elle.

Ben L.


Such magnificent artwork. The images are lovely, and the wisdom is inspiring. Thank you for sharing your gifts. 😊💜

Pamela B.

Love his work! An amazing artist with a lot of great knowledge.

Samara L. L.

Wonderful work! i’m very impressed, thank you for this.

Loup G.

Absolutely amazing. looking forward to seeing more.

Karen V. L.

Your Artwork is phenomenol! One can feel the souls essence looking at it! It literally takes you in as if you are right there! Thank you! I freaking Love great Art! Is it ok to share? I have many art collectors on my friends list that would love yours! Wishing you Blessings for an abundance of non stop creative energy!

Karen S.

His responsivity and ability to see and reach.

François D.

I believe this is beautiful channeled art. I see many of the same type of in images in my visions… very well done!!

RoseAnn D.M.

His art is unique and inspirational💙

Amber L. V.

Davian’s Art is amazing. So vivid and cool. It strengthened my connection with our Galactic Family. Thank you Davian. You’re the best !

Maria C.

Absolutely everything. First of all an amazing person and an amazing artist!

Alisa A.

I have always love your work and Beautiful complimentary art wisdom divinity in itself many blessings.

Ria A.

Amazing artist! Highly recommend !!

Shirl A.

Incredible artist.
Authentic, humble and more than inspired.

Kevin D.

Son travail est d’une qualité exceptionnelle et ses canalisations sont “JUSTES” !

Pascal R.

An enlightened soul.

Vonda E.

He works from his soul. I think that says it all !

Larry B.

Thank you for sharing your story with us David!!! <3 I feel so honored and grateful that you shared it with me. It means a lot! . . . It is very interesting – because a month or two ago I had a dream where I saw a ship that looked like the TR3B you mentioned. I can’t wait to see what happens next too! This will make an amazing book one day. You are such a brave and beautiful soul – Love you brother!!!


Thank you so much for sharing!! I know how hard it is to get that out there brave soul! You help raise the collective consciousness by helping other integrate this possibility within our matrix universe. ♡


Incredible ! There is nothing more exciting than to live your passion ..I see you ! Thank you for sharing David  look forward to your book 


Thank You for sharing your experience with us, dear Davian…<3 Much Love and Many Blessings to You <3


Thank you for sharing your amazing adventures. I see you💙💙💙


Your sharing is a blessing! With all my heart … thank you!

Dell B.

I am so astounded by your clear description of your eight year old self. Your bravery and will is so amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I look forward to an opportunity to hear more and meet you. I hear you. 😀


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